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Concrete Polish

Concrete Floor Polishing Services Dallas TX

Polished concrete is growing exponentially as the ideal floor finish for warehouses, retail and manufacturing facilities..

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Concrete Sealant

Concrete Joint Sealant Services Dallas TX

Concrete joint sealants are the most effective application to maintain integrity, appearance and functionality.

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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings or paint is a great, reliable, cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing choice for protecting...

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Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning Services Dallas TX

USA Renovations completes Ceiling Restoration projects all over the country. Ceiling cleaning is the newest...

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About USA Renovations

USA Renovations, Inc., based in North Dallas Fort Worth Texas specializes in providing complete facilities maintenance services including ceiling and floor restoration for major retail stores, super centers, home improvement stores, electronic retailers, corporations, and general contractors in 48 states. We specialize in Concrete Polish, VCT and PVC, Ceramic Tile, Epoxy Flooring, and Ceiling Restoration and Installation. We have many years of proven experience and outstanding results that we provide to countless satisfied clients each year nationally. We are listed as certified installers for several top names products on the market. Over the years, USA Renovations has become one of the top facilities maintenance companies due to our top-quality service, certifications acquired, exceptional crews, and extremely competitive prices. As a result we have been listed on major retailers approved vendor list from companies like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and a growing list of companies that expect simply the best. At USA Renovations, we focus on making you look good. Our crews of highly-skilled and highly-qualified technicians work safely follow OSHA requirements to provide your clients with a clean and safe shopping environment. Technology is constantly changing and we make sure our technicians use the latest technological innovations. We encourage you to research our site to learn about us and what we can do for you!

Client Reviews

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a very instructive demonstration of quality and professionalism. They arrived at the plant on Tuesday, and left after lunch on Wednesday. What a remarkable performance. You have a quality organization that really has demonstrated what we want to accomplishwith all of our partners. Attached are some of the pictures of the first phase, 8 - 10 thousand square feet.
Thanks again.

J.V. "Van" Crary
Concrete Products Group Manager