SAC Victory Center

  • City: San Antonio
  • Service: Polished Concrete
  • Size: 45,000 SQFT

About this Project

At SAC Victory Center, USA Renovations had a fantastic opportunity to provide long-lasting, beautiful, polished concrete flooring, SAC Victory Center is one of San Antonio, Texas major land marks. This new construction project was a blessing to be a part of. The project consisted of a cementitious overlay that was mechanically polished to a full level 4 gloss. The best part about a self-leveling overlay is the ability to yield some of the best floor flatness rating. Followed by a polish leaved your floor looking like a flat mirror which is extremely desirable for the public. Other advantages of self-leveling overlays are in the case your surface is in terrible shape; this surface allows you to restore the floor with out completely replacing the concrete. This is also not to mention the aggregate is consistent throughout the project (unlike traditional concrete slabs). This polish portion of this work is a Class B Aggregate / Level 4 Gloss. To see some of our other work click here. Follow us on Facebook.

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