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The cleanliness of a facility’s exterior is just as important as the interior. Power washing and steam cleaning can dramatically improve exterior appearances by removing stains, mold, soot, oxidized paints and other pollutants that may accumulate on the surface.
 If left untreated, any of these contaminants can cause ser ious damage that may be costly to repair. It can also depreciate the value of a property. In order to prevent expensive repairs and grimy appearances, it’s important to routinely wash exteriors. 

List of Services

We use the best equipment to provide both high and low-pressure power washing and steam cleaning that safely and effectively removes dirt and grime. We pride ourselves on protecting, restoring or maintaining your facility’s overall appearance and adhere to state regulations and guidelines of Power Washers of North America (PWNA).


  • Parking-lot and sidewalk restoration
  • Surface residue removal and remediation 
  • Bathroom tile restoration
  • Grout restoration
  • Awning restoration
  • Exterior and interior wall remediation


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What is Power Washing?
Power washing is a great method to remove grease, mildew, mold and other contaminants that aren’t easily washed away. This form of cleaning is ideal for larger surfaces like concrete floors with heavy foot traffic or garages with heavy machinery. Using water typically heated between 150 to 200 degrees, this method blasts away tough stains that can’t simply be mopped away.

Because of the hot water and amount of pressure used, power washing can damage the wrong surfaces. Power washing should be avoided on surfaces softer than concrete.

What is Steam Cleaning?
Unlike power washing, no pressure is used in steam cleaning. This method uses water heated between 200 and 300 degrees causing it to vaporize. This highly hygienic cleaning method disinfects surfaces and dries them quickly, preventing bacteria and other germs to form. Because steam disinfects, there’s no need for strong chemicals or toxic cleaning agents. Steam cleaning is popularly used in kitchens, hospitals and other environments that need to remove unwanted and harmful bacteria. This method works great for porous surfaces like tile and terrazzo flooring.

Steam cleaning may be a more effective option depending on the job. Some tough stains can be left behind with pressure washing because the temperature used isn’t as high as steam washing. The heat of steam washing causes grease and tough, oily residue to lift from the surface and be completely removed. Consult with a professional service to learn which cleaning option is needed for the best results.

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