It’s important to do your homework before hiring a professional cleaning service. Not all companies are created equal and you don’t want to waste money investing in a business that can’t handle the job. 

Before sealing the deal with who will be keeping your facilities clean and spotless, be sure the cleaning service checks off a few qualifications.


You want a professional cleaning service that prides itself on the quality of work and standards it provides. Not only is the company representing itself with its services but also representing you by how well your facilities look after they’re finished.

So how do you know you’ve gotten a quality cleaning? A professional cleaning shouldn’t resemble how your employees clean your facilities. Yes, daily cleaning by your staff is important, but a professional cleaning should make your space look like opening day! Floors should be spotless. Ceilings and corners should be free of dirt and debris. There should be no trash in sight. High quality cleanings should produce satisfactory results and make sure nothing is overlooked.


The experience and training of a service’s team is just as important when choosing what company you hire for work. Because of the powerful products and machines used, it’s essential for companies to use certified and well-trained staff that are continuously being educated on best practices, solid cleaning methods and customer service. 


Professional services should use quality products and machines to clean your facilities. It’s OK to ask what a company uses in order to clean your space to avoid poor quality products damaging your business. 


There are many benefits of professional cleanings for your consumers and employees. For starters, professional cleanings can save money! Continuously cleaning your facilities can protect and extend the life of floors, ceilings, fixtures and furniture. With proper maintenance, you can avoid costly replacements and repairs. Professional cleanings can also help the image of your facilities. Consumers and employees want to shop and work in clean environments and ignoring how your space looks can harm your business. Consistent deep cleanings can maintain your brand’s image.

Professional cleanings are also great for employees by increasing productivity, reducing sick days and an awesome tool for recruiting and retention. Creating a space where employees want to work is important for their morale and efficiency. People usually perform better when working in comfortable and clean environments. Keeping facilities clean also prevents bacteria and harmful germs that can spread and cause employees to get sick. Don’t be responsible for employees and consumers becoming ill because of poor maintenance.

Your business shouldn’t suffer because of a poor cleaning job. It can be difficult to find a company that can do the job you desire, but making sure they check off these factors is a great way to determine who to choose.


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