• City: Austin, IN
  • Service: Facilities Maintenance
  • Size: 230,000 SQFT

About this Project

USA Renovations traveled from our home office in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas to Austin, IN to provide a facilities maintenance cleaning. After a period of time the syrup in the famous soda evaporates during the bottling process and gets stuck to the exposed pipes and ceilings, along with accumulation of dust and grime. In order to keep up with health codes and to stay sanitary they offered us the opportunity to clean their plant. Open or Exposed Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration consist of general cleaning dusting and brushing off all bar joists, horizontal pipes, electrical pipes and HVAC exterior duct work. We also make available application of new paint on the HVAC duct work system. We also clean and remove all cobwebs that develop over time on and between joists. With our years of experience, we have developed a system that reduces the time spent at the job site while ensuring an extra clean operation. As an added benefit to our facilities maintenance services our team was available and equipped to restore your projects exposed HVAC system. Our trained technicians are also trained to restore and paint any exposed ceiling bare joists and ceiling structure. Our commercial cleaning service includes the painting of HVAC duct, diffusers, RTU units, bare joints and more. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians only use the finest products offered by Sherwin Williams. To learn more about commercial cleaning click here. Follow us on Facebook.

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