• City: Dallas, TX
  • Service: Polished Concrete
  • Size: 125,000 SQFT

About this Project

Wal-Mart the retail sales giant specifies something a little different than mechanically polished concrete in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. The actual finish specified is known as Light Weight Burnished Concrete. This is a much lighter system than heavy down-force mechanically polishing. However, this specific Wal-Mart requested a mechanically polished concrete in effort to remove an issue known as efflorescence at the surface. Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit on surfaces of concrete that is found at the surface of a slab under certain unfavorable efflorescence.  This change allowed us to utilize our heavyweight grinders to hone and polish the slab. In doing so the customer ended up with a finish far superior to a burnished slab that will not only outlast but will look amazing over the entire life of the building. Per the CPAA the final finish is a Level 3 gloss with a Class “A” aggregate exposure. In addition to the polished concrete, the owner required all construction and contraction joints filled with Poly urea joint filler, which is seen in photo 3. For more information on polished concrete click here. Follow us on Facebook.

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