Thrift Giant

  • City: Denton, TX
  • Service: Mechanically Polished Concrete
  • Size: 15,000 SQFT

About this Project

A local distributor of lightly used clothing chose USA Renovations to completely renovate with polished concrete their floors in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. From start to finish, we removed carpet and mastic exposing the concrete slab beneath. Then, we grind, hone, and polish the slab, leaving the floor with a Level 4 shine and a Class C Aggregate. This slab has a proposed aggregate exposure showing off more character than a Class A cream finish. The major benefit in removing finishes and converting to polished concrete is the long term efficacy due to the ability to be a permanent floor finish. With proper maintenance this floor will never need to be refinished during the buildings life span. To see some of our other work click here. Follow us on Facebook.

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