• City: Garland
  • Service: Ceiling Restoration/ Building Services
  • Size: 35,000 SQFT

About this Project

We had the opportunity to provide polished concrete and sealed concrete for the Sprouts Farmers Market in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.  We grind, hone, and polish the slab, leaving the floor with a Level 4 shine and a Class A Aggregate.  Finishing the concrete surface with a sealant makes it water resistant, dust free, quick application and budget  friendly. Sealed concrete has been a top pick for large warehouses, cross-docks, and commercial settings. It is important to know there are penetrating and topical sealers available today. For this job we used a penetrating sealer (densifier) to reduce the chances of concrete dusting and surface scratches. The major benefit of converting to polished concrete is the long term efficacy due to the ability to be a permanent floor finish. The cost effectiveness of both systems comes from the long-term lifespans and durability, and can further be increased when used in conjunction to provide a total flooring system for all of your businesses needs. With proper maintenance this floor will never need to be refinished during the buildings life span. To see some of our other work click here. Follow us on Facebook.

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