• Suspended Ceiling Tile Cleaning
  • Grid and Ceiling Tile Installation
  • Exposed Open Ceiling Cleaning
  • HVAC Cleaning and Painting
  • Facilities Maintenance

USA Renovations completes Ceiling Restoration projects all over the country. Ceiling cleaning is the newest most efficient method of achieving a new look to a location whether it be a super center or an office building. Every 6 years a ceiling begins to become noticeably dated with the dirt, grease, soot, bacteria and many other unsanitary substances that collects to the tiles or exposed bar joists. As an added benefit we work day or night hours to help in limiting the disturbance of customers. All techs are trained with the best and most current knowledge to insure a perfect operation. Our facilities maintenance services brings your locations look back to new and is being used over and over again by many large centers such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, office buildings and more.


Open or Exposed Bay Ceiling Restoration consist of general cleaning dusting and brushing of all bar joists, horizontal pipes, electrical pipes and HVAC exterior ductwork. We also make available application of new paint on the HVAC ductwork system. We also clean and remove all cobwebs that develop over time on and between joists. With our years of experience we have developed a system that reduces the time spent at the job site while insuring an extra clean operation.


Drop Tile or ACT1 cleaning is the industry’s most efficient way to bring your commercial ceiling back to a new look. Save money by cleaning vs. installing new ceiling tiles. Our system or ceiling tile cleaning includes sanitation of vinyl ceiling tile, grid system, vent exteriors, light fixtures, sprinkler heads, speakers, camera globes, vinyl coated grid stone tile. All tiles have applied an approved chemical that breaks down dust and dirt accumulated over years of activity. We then us a cleaning method that removes this grime wile protecting all product below with sheet plastic.