USA Renovations has provided polished concrete services not only in the DFW metroplex, but also the 48 states. With integrity + results being the focus of the service we provide, we won’t settle for quality other than the best. We manage over several crews which allows us to fit your needs, your schedule and your demand. Whether you are a general contractor or direct buyer, we want to work with you and provide the best polished concrete service possible.


Polished concrete floors are the latest trend in office spaces, retail spaces, manufacturers warehouses and homes. This is simply because they are easy to maintain, extremely cost effective, and have a beautiful mirror-like glossy finish to them that will outlast any other surface available on the market today. There are a variety of options when choosing your polished concrete flooring, including the integral or penetrating stain color, the gloss level, and aggregate type. Our professionals will assist you in the processes used to reach the desired finish you request. Whether you’re looking for a super shiny floor or a more subtle reflection, the options are at your discretion.


The demand for polished concreted has increased dramatically over the past twenty years. Polished concrete floors continue to be popular for several reasons, all of which include:

  • Low maintenance: in high traffic areas such as commercial buildings or office spaces, having low maintenance floors is a necessity. To keep polished concrete floors clean and “like new”, all it needs is mopping using a dust mop on a regular basis, using cleaning product semi-regularly. There’s no need for messy coatings such as wax. Labor costs are cut when compared to wood or carpet flooring because polished concrete requires less cleaning time.
  • Long term durability: foot traffic from employees or customers, fork lifts, carts, etc can be harmful to many surfaces and demand replacement every 5 – 7 years. With polished concrete being a perminate floor option it is no wonder why many large retailers find this surface to be there only choice.
  • Less maintenance and longer service life: Polished floors are easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping. They also eliminate the need for messy waxes or coatings as well as the associated labor, time, and expense to apply them. The glossy surface of polished concrete resists the marks of forklift truck tires and staining from oil and chemical spills.
  • Free from moisture transmission issues: Alternative flooring options such as tile, wood or carpet leads to issues such as adhesive deterioration, bumps, ridges, color changes, mold, bacteria growth, peaking or curling, all caused by sealing of the floor, not allowing it to breath. Polished concrete floors simply don’t have these issues.
  • Efficient long term floor: Going green or simply want to do your part in making your business or home eco-friendly? Polished concrete is a great flooring option for sustainability. When left exposed, concrete floors have two functions: they are the foundation slab along with the finished flooring. By eliminating the need for wood, carpet or tile, you save resources that would eventually need replacing.
  • Enhanced Lighting While Saving Energy: one of the nicest qualities of polished concrete is the mirror-like, glassy reflection which become a benefit to your energy bill. Upon completion 25 – 30% less lighting is necessary due to the high reflectivity of the polished concrete. This not only reduces the lighting needed but will noticeably reduce the demand on HVAC units due to less heat generated by lighting
  • Go Green! Earn LEED Credits: Recycle old concrete floors or start fresh with polished concrete which can earn up to 5 LEED Credits. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has listed polished concrete as a LEED certified project. Whether it be reduction of adhesives by eliminating wood or carpet tile, or optimizing energy performance due to less requires lighting we can help you earn LEED Credits and Go Green!


In simple terms, polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood. We use heavy-duty polished machines that are equipped with diamond-impregnated disks – similar to sandpaper. These disks are then used to grind the concrete surface down to the desired level of smoothness and shine.


Densifier is a key role to the process of polishing concrete. During the process, a penetrating chemical called “densifier” is applied. The chemical then sinks into the concrete as it chemically reacts, causing the surface to harden to a much higher surface PSI. This protects the concrete from the inside out while allowing the best possible polished concrete gloss rating. This eliminates the needs for a topical coating, reducing maintenance significantly.