USAR | JC Penny | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas
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JC Penny | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas


Ft. Worth, Texas

Our Services

Mechanically Polished Concrete


10,500 Square Feet

About This Project

JC Penney’s department store located in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, was due for a remodel. JC Penney requested USA Renovations to perform a polished concrete flooring system. The project had an attractive and unique final appearance due to larger aggregate exposure with very high gloss. The scope of work was to remove the current ceramic tile, grind off old mastic glue, hone, and polish the concrete. A very smart choice for the owner, the floors won’t need replacing, therefore saving them hundred of thousands of dollars over time. This floor was a Level 4 shine with a class B – C aggregate. To learn more about polished concrete click here. Follow us on Facebook.