USAR | HEB | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas
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HEB | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas


San Antonio, Texas

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Polished Concrete


125,493 Square Feet

About This Project

One of our region clients, HEB gave USA Renovations the opportunity to provide polished concrete at the San Antonio Texas location. This project had a dull luster which was previously polished by another contractor just last year. Due to the improper process steps were skipped and as a result the gloss “walked off”. Our team was able to bring the gloss back without skipping any steps leaving the client with a FULL mechanical grind and polish. To achieve a permanent high gloss finish you must be very cautious who you use. Trust our team to deliver an A+ experience. Final floor finish is a Class B Aggregate and Level 4 Gloss. With proper maintenance, this floor will never need to be refinished during the buildings life span. To see some of our other work click here. Follow us on Facebook.