USAR | Fountain Place | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas
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Fountain Place | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas


Dallas, Texas

Our Services

Mechanically Polished Concrete/ VCT, Adhesive Removal


35,000 Square Feet

About This Project

USA Renovations was tasked with a complete renovation from VCT to polished concrete of the 6th floor of the Fountain Place building in Dallas, TX.  Through a process of VCT, glue, mastic, and paint removal to expose the concrete underneath.  From there, we ground to a Class C exposed aggregate which provided the desired level of character, and proceeded to hone and polish the slab surface.  We ended at a Level 4 finish, which provided a very high gloss surface with added slip resistance benefits due to polished concrete’s inherent ability to exceed ANSI and OSHA standards of the coefficient of friction or COF.  Through the process of coatings removal, high sheen mechanical polishing, and repair and patching of the slab surface, we provided the customer with a long-term, limited maintenance, aesthetically pleasing floor.  This is another example of the versatility of polished concrete and its wide range of applications in which it out-performs other flooring options. Follow us on Facebook. For more about stained concrete click here.