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View photos and a description of the polished concrete project completed in Gainesville, TX by USA Renovations.
Polished Concrete Gainesville, TX
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Duraline | Polished Concrete | Dallas Fort Worth Texas


Gainesville, TX

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Mechanically Polished Concrete


45,000 Square Feet

About This Project

Duraline is an industry leader in utility line protection which is why they chose USA Renovations to provide polished concrete flooring. At Duraline’s Dallas Fort Worth location we noticed that the condition of the slab upon accepting the project contained spalling concrete and a very rough surface. Our team completed the project filling all spalling, repairing joint sections and mechanically polished the concrete. The space is much brighter now with the high reflectivity of the floor. The owner will see increased life of all forklift tires and much better aesthetic, perfect for all of their customer tours. The slab was completed with a Level 4 Class B Aggregate per the Concrete Polish Association of America (CPAA). For more information on polished concrete click here. Follow us on Facebook