USAR | Bob Tomes Ford | Stained & Polished Concrete | DFW, TX
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Bob Tomes Ford | Stained & Polished Concrete | DFW, TX


McKinney, Texas

Our Services

Mechanically Polished Concrete


28,484 Square Feet

About This Project

USA Renovations provided polished concrete and stained concrete flooring at the award-winning Bob Tomes Ford in McKinney, Texas of the Dallas Fort Worth area.  We started with a Class B aggregate exposure, followed by custom color stain and Level 4 finish.   The Level 4 finish works perfectly to reflect the natural light coming in on the polished concrete from the large rows of windows at the face of the building, while simultaneously providing a safe, durable, and low-maintenance flooring system keeping mechanics safe for years.  The cost effectiveness of both systems comes from the long-term lifespans and durability, and can further be increased when used in conjunction to provide a total flooring system for large automotive shops / dealerships, or any other high traffic applications. To learn more about polished concrete click here. Follow us on Facebook.