USAR | How often should you clean commercial ceilings?
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How often should you clean commercial ceilings?

How often should you clean commercial ceilings?

16:50 30 October in Ceiling
Bed Bath & Beyond | Facilities Maintenance | Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Bed Bath & Beyond | Facilities Maintenance | Dallas Fort Worth Texas


No consumer wants to shop in a dirty or contaminated business. While maintaining the cleanliness of your space, don’t forget to look up! Are you neglecting your ceilings?

It’s important to maintain commercial ceilings to remain professional and avoid dust and debris build-up that can spread and contaminate your business. To prevent any damages or employees and consumers from getting sick, being mindful of how often you’re cleaning your ceilings is a must.

Ceiling cleaning and facility maintenance is the newest and most efficient method of achieving a clean environment and a new look to any location. A ceiling begins to become noticeably dated every six years with accumulated dirt, bacteria, grease and many other unsanitary substances. If left unmanaged, some ceilings can go past the point of repair, leading to costly replacement options.

Neglected ceilings can lead to poor air quality, mold and harmful bacteria that can result in illness. Being liable for consumer/employee illnesses can be detrimental to any business and is avoidable with proper care. Depending on the size of the space, it’s best to get a professional cleaning every three to six months.

Major retailers and office buildings use ceiling cleaning services often to maintain their locations. Depending on the job, contractors may power wash, brush off all bar joists and pipes, remove cobwebs that develop over time and apply new paint on HVAC ductwork systems. Sanitation of vinyl ceiling tiles, vent exteriors, light fixtures and anything hanging overhead may also be done. It is important to work with a contractor who will properly execute your cleaning to ensure they are bringing back the standard your consumers expect.

USA Renovations provides many services to clean and restore commercial ceilings including:

  • Suspended Ceiling Tile Cleaning and Restoration
  • Ceiling Acoustical Tile Installation and Replacement
  • Exposed Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration
  • HVAC Cleaning and Painting
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Commercial Power Washing
  • Final Construction Cleans

Before hiring a contractor to take on a cleaning job, do your research to be sure that the desired work will be completed perfectly. All of our techs are trained with the best and most current knowledge, and as an added benefit, can work day or night hours to help limit the disturbance of customers. With our experience, we have developed a system that reduces the time spent at a job site while ensuring a clean operation. To learn more information about our services or to get a FREE quote, contact us by calling (877) 294-7525.

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