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15:40 25 October in Blog

With a little care Your floors will Always look Great

Maintaining your Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete floor finishing is becoming a popular choice for homeowners due to its gorgeous look, ease of maintenance and affordability. Although they are easy to maintain, requiring only occasional sweeping, mopping and buffing, concrete floors will lose their brilliance if not properly maintained, especially in areas exposed to high amounts of traffic.

However, a properly maintained, polished concrete floor will last a very long time, providing homeowners with floors that are extremely beautiful, highly durable and slip-resistant. Here are seven simple tips for maintaining your polished concrete floors.

Tip #1 – Dust and dirt act as abrasives to any floor surface dulling their shine and need to be eliminated often. Therefore, it is recommended to dust mop floors daily. A microfiber pad should be used that is designed to trap dirt particles.

Tip #2 – Occasional wet mopping is also recommended. Clean mops and water should always be used. Large areas can be cleaned using an automatic floor scrubbing machine that utilizes a nonabrasive pad. A simple mop and mop bucket works well in small spaces.

Tip #3 – If you use a cleaner, choose one that contains a neutral pH. Acidic cleaners will deteriorate the concrete floor finishing more rapidly.

Tip #4 – When applying a neutral pH cleaner, allow it to remain on the floor surface long enough to break down grease, grime and other adhesive contaminants. Removing the cleaner too quickly will prevent particles from being lifted and suspended for removal.

Tip #5 – Although you want to leave the cleaner on the polished concrete floor for a short period of time, you also do not want to allow it to dry. To avoid this, only apply the cleaner to small portions of the floor and complete the cleaning process before proceeding.

Tip #6 – Ensure that any spills are cleaned up quickly to prevent absorption of the substance into the surface of the floor. Allowing spilled materials to remain on concrete floors can cause spotting and staining which require special treatment to remove.

Tip #7 – High-traffic areas should be cleaned more regularly than the lesser used areas of the home. A greater amount of dirt is deposited in such areas that can scratch and dull your concrete floor finishing. High-traffic areas may also require occasional buffing to maintain their illustrious shine.

If you follow these simple polished concrete floor maintenance tips, you can expect to enjoy the benefits for a very long time. Choosing the proper concrete floor equipment, cleaning products and scheduled maintenance services will also help to ensure your concrete floors stand out in brilliance and performance.

  • kaliafloors 09:49h, 17 January Reply

    A helpful tip. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Taylor Bishop 14:04h, 27 February Reply

    I actually didn’t know that you should make sure that a neutral pH cleaners remains on the concrete floor to the point where it breaks down the grease. I’m kind of interested to lean when exactly this would be, like if you should wait about ten minutes or if it’s just a matter of continually observing it.

  • John Clark 13:09h, 07 June Reply

    Keeping an exposed concrete floor clean is the first step toward a lifelong shine (should you have polished concrete as your finish). Attempt to clean prior to any foreign substance having a chance at penetrating the substrate. You may not know that all exposed concrete polished or not is porous. Certain liquids, grease, etc can find its way into these exposed pours of your slab if left standing. We recommend sealed concrete for these areas however if your slab is exposed just keep an eye on the area and do your best to mitigate any stains left sitting overnight. For more information about the services, we offer please give us a call 972-984-4673

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